Founder and Artistic Director Maria Mitrache-Bokor

Celebrating over 30 years of Excellence in Alberta



  • The Vaganova Dance Society was founded by Maria Mitrache-Bokor in 1988 in Edmonton Alberta to promote the Russian technique developed by Mme. Agrippina Vaganova (1879-1951). Mme. Vaganova created a unique classical ballet technique,unifying and combining the best of French, Italian, Danish and Russian methods.
  • The technique is characterized by a harmonious movement of the whole body, soft arms with a strong back, suppleness of the body with iron aplomb, a noble and natural placement of the head, precise coordination combined with a unique sense of musicality.
  • A major goal of the Society has been to provide unique dance opportunities and one of the best techniques for ballet students,professional dancers and ballet teachers in Alberta.
  • The Society has produced stage performances, hosted and attended workshops and festivals, organized trips, performances and cultural exchanges in Canada, Russia, Romania, Australia and the United States.