The Vaganova Dance Society formerly known as the Russian Vaganova Technique Dance Society, was founded in Edmonton, Alberta in the year 1988 under the auspices of Artistic Director Maria Mitrache-Bokor, president Richard Wacko, secretary Roxanne Missouri, and director Douglas Hnatiuk.


One of the major goals of the Society has been to provide unique dance opportunities, and one of the best techniques for ballet students, professional dancers and dance teachers in Alberta.

The evolution of the Russian Ballet Technique in North America, States and Canada after the Russian revolution, has been tremendous. It has been the intention of the Society to ensure that this valuable Russian technique will continue to produce and develop excellent dancers, not only in classical ballet, but in any other dance discipline like Jazz, Modern, etc.

Since 1988 the Vaganova Dance Society has produced stage performances in Canada, hosted and attended workshops, organised trips and performances in other countries, cultural exchanges in Canada (Alberta and Quebec), Russia (St. Petersburg),  Europe (Romania), Australia (Canberra, Sydney), as well as participated in numerous festivals. Dancers and teachers have had the experience and opportunity to understand the art of dance and raise the level of their art and culture. This in turn, enriches the arts community and the public at large.

Through the dedication of teachers like: Maria Mitrache Bokor, Katalin Bihari, Valeria Dorokhova, Anna and Vasyl Kanavetz, Youry Alechin, Loretta Beamish, Richard Wacko, Martha Horvath Monika Langer, Anna Storoszczuk Smeets, Anita Zhang Natalia Shefer, and volunteers within the Society, we have been able to provide hundreds of Alberta dancers and dance teachers, rare ballet quality and travel opportunities that would otherwise not have been possible.

Some of the events that the Society has produced or been involved in are listed below.

Workshop History

Performance History